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Best racing games For PC and Android

Arcade and simulators, real cars and fictional, street racing and official competitions – this collection have everything you need. Here we have compiled the list of Best Racing Games for PC & Android for you! Download & Enjoy one of the most thrilling Racing Games. Undoubtedly, Speed Thrills but Kills. Enjoy more racing games at AndKon.

Best Free Racing Games

Best Racing Games for PC

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

EA showed everyone what street racing games could be – fascinating, bold, and stylish to the extreme. After two successful parts of Need for Speed: Underground, the company released Most Wanted. At first, the game was alarming: how can street racing do without neon and eternal night? But after the introductory race, it became clear: Most Wanted is a very brave and successful experiment.

Unusual, but correct decisions in the game everywhere. In the single-player campaign, the clear goal is to get to the top of the list of the most wanted ones. Finally, the police returning to the series create additional tension during the races. Abilities like slowing down time allow you to get out of difficult situations and recover faster if you make a mistake. It is difficult to say how big the Most Wanted contribution was to the development of the genre, but there is no doubt that this is one of the best races in the industry.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Racing Game

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is probably the most beautiful arcade race on the PC at the moment. The game was created specifically for Xbox One X, the most powerful console on the market, and it shows. It has stunning lighting, high-resolution textures, and Forza Horizon 4 also supports 4K and HDR.

There are more than 450 cars that you can ride across the expanses of the UK. Enough and urban locations (for example, Edinburgh), and the village – as it should be, with herds of sheep and Gothic cathedrals.

And so that players do not get bored, in Forza Horizon 4, every season, real-time week changes. Autumn in the game is very picturesque, and in winter the cars become disobedient, which slightly increases the complexity.

Froza Horizon 4

F1 2017

Thoughtful and exciting simulator “Formula 1”. The game is realistic even in the smallest detail. There are almost all the pilots, cars and teams that participated in the 2017 competitions.

Realism is also manifested in setting up machines. You can change dozens of parameters that really affect the behavior of the car on the track.

For those who love the classics, in F1 2017 added 12 historic cars: Ferrari, McLaren, and other cars, released from 1988 to 2010.

F1 2017

Need for Speed: Underground 2

Few of those who were fond of games in the middle of the zero have not heard about Underground 2. She was one of the main races of the time and to this day remains one of the most influential.

Of course, street racing games were up to the Underground series, but the EA projects made street racing on night streets really popular.Download need for speed underground 2.

Jayhawker chose the second part because it is more elaborated: it has more cars and modes, wider possibilities of tuning, and better graphics.

Need for Speed Underground 2

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Top of development of the popular Burnout series. The main thing here is freedom. In Paradise, the player is free to freely navigate the large open world. Even in racing, there are no clear routes – only the finish line, which can be reached in any way.

At one time, the game hit detailed accidents. If a player flies into the wall at a sufficiently high speed, then he will be shown in all details how the hood is gradually crushed, the windshield is broken, and the wheels fly off. And the best part is that the same can and should be done with rivals. Destroying opponents in Burnout Paradise is an important part of the gameplay.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

FlatOut was a real breakthrough in the genre of arcade racing thanks to the total destructibility of levels, and Ultimate Carnage is an improved version of the second part of the series.

The basis of the game is complete madness of what is happening. Whichever mode you choose (regular race, derby or driver throwing competition out of the car), there will be a lot of cars crashing into each other, flying through the windshield of people and destroyed fences. There is some special romance in this permissiveness.

Need for Speed Underground 2

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa – the main contender for the title of the most meticulous simulator in the modern gaming industry. The authors of Assetto Corsa conducted a titanic work on the game. In it are available dozens of meticulously scanned cars and tracks, as well as ample opportunities to customize cars.

The physical engine of the game takes into account the aerodynamics, the temperature of the components of the machine and even very small factors like flattening tires after a long parking lot. There is simply no other game with a similar level of detail in the industry.

Assetto Corsa

DiRT Rally

If Assetto Corsa is one of the best simulators driving along asphalt ring roads, then DiRT Rally is one of the main rally simulators. The players here need to most often ride through forests and fields, fit into sharp turns and avoid collisions with poles and trees.

The game developers managed to find a balance between high fascination and accurate simulation. In DiRT Rally there are a lot of opportunities for tuning cars, but if you wish, they can be neglected and just ride along the detailed recreated tracks.

DiRT Rally


The race from the creators of FlatOut, which is most easily perceived as the ideological heiress of the famous series. The Wreckfest diminished the arcade, but at the same time, it became even more fun to break cars.

The thing is in a realistic damage system: if you wish, you can crush the car almost into a ball of iron and rubber. Each stroke leaves a dent, which can affect the behavior of the car.

In general, the whole point of the game in accidents: it is difficult to find a project in which they would be just as beautiful. And useful – to get rid of rivals.


Trackmania United Forever

Trackmania is an amazing franchise that combines almost endless opportunities for creativity and high competitiveness of players. Those who have not followed the history of the series, will not be easy to understand all its parts and branches: there were a lot of them. Jayhawker recommends Trackmania United Forever because it is one of the most thoughtful and content-rich games in the franchise.

The beauty of this game in its versatility: everyone can find something for everyone. Do you like arcade racing with jumping, acceleration, and driving on walls and ceilings? Launch the campaign. Prefer to replay tracks a few dozen times in an attempt to cut another hundredth of a second? Come in multiplayer. Maybe you prefer to build complex racing tracks that require reaction and observation from players? Especially for such cases in Trackmania, there is a powerful level editor.


Trackmania United Forever

Best Racing Games for Android

This collection includes the best games in the genre of racing, which can only be found in the Google Play Store. There is something to choose from since the most diverse representatives of the genre are gathered here – from stylized arcade races to very realistic simulators – so it does not matter what your preferences are, it is quite likely that you will find something interesting for yourself. Go!

Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is the latest and coolest Android game from the futuristic franchise dedicated to racing on jet skis. It brings to mind such games as Jet Moto or Wave Race 64. Riptide GP: Renegade includes a career mode tied to the development of the storyline, the ability to conduct a quick race or fight with opponents online. Top graphics with water effects and motion blur give the player a real sense of speed. You can control your jet ski by adjusting the slope – the realization of this feature is not very good, but Bluetooth gamepads are supported, which correct the situation. In addition, as far as control is concerned, the key role here is played by insane stunts, which are controlled by fast swipes. The game has many opportunities for discovery and upgrades in career mode, and artificial intelligence is well trained, providing a truly challenging game compared to other Android games. In order to fully enjoy the graphics and gameplay, you need a good phone, it’s also great to play on the NVIDIA Shield tablet or Android TV box.

Riptide GP Renegade Android



Asphalt 8: Takeoff

Asphalt 8: On take-off worthy of becoming your favorite game. Despite the lack of claims for realism, it remains very cool and driving. Players can advance (including for money) in the career mode, open new tracks, upgrade those that already exist, and also participate in competitions with the results of other players or in online multiplayer. There are also the usual modes of racing, as well as a new one, “Infection”, where you have to pass the virus to other riders in order not to become a victim of an explosion yourself.

Excellent graphics and soundtrack make Asphalt 8 a real adrenaline adventure that you will not soon forget.

Asphalt 8 Android

Beach buggy blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz – fun and simple racing, where players drive around on a tropical beach, trying to pass checkpoint for a limited time. Along the way you collect coins that will allow you to upgrade the buggy. But the main thing is to dodge all sorts of huts of the natives, animals and other racers who constantly come across you on the way because the collisions will slow you down. The graphics are bright and of high quality, well-developed water, dust and lighting effects.

In general, try this game if you are looking for something light and “childish”.

Beach buggy blitz Android

Horizon Chase – World Tour

Horizon Chase – funny retro-style races in which the gameplay resembles the classic arcade race of the 80s Pole Position. Bright and full-color old school graphics, more than 70 tracks running across 32 cities – in general, plenty of opportunities to have fun. Each race you start the last of 20 cars, so you have to overtake all rivals to get the winning cup. Win – and you can upgrade and open 16 available machines.

You pass the route in San Francisco, and then have to pay to open the entire game. But she is so beautiful and cool that you can argue – you will want to do it.

Horizon Chase World Tour Android

Red Bull Air Race The Game

Red Bull Air Race is the mobile version of real air racing that Red Bull conducts around the world. You sit at the helm of your own aircraft, and your master class pilot career begins! Routes are based on real prototypes and cover the entire globe.

A game for all fans of air racing, and just for those who have ever dreamed of becoming a pilot.

Red Bull Air Race The Game Android


Repulze is a game that proves: cool races do not necessarily assume the presence of wheels. If you’re a fan of F-Zero or Wipeout franchises, you will love Repulze. You have 24 winding slopes that are unknown to the laws of gravity, and you will have to fly an experimental hovercraft. But not only has this distinguished Repulze from other games. Acceleration, you also get an unusual way, based on the polarity of the vessel. You need to go through the green or red gate and open the acceleration.

Through the entire game is the storyline of the evil corporation, which secretly controls everything. Repulze – fantastic futuristic races that are worth it to give money for them.

Repulze Android

Colin McRae Rally

Adaptation of the classic PC game, which appeared in 1998. In this rally race, you drive a car over gravel and dirt, of course, trying to set time records. This offline game is a great option for those who are less interested in street racing games.

In the game, convenient control, including both on-screen and motion-based elements. It is distinguished by the presence of a fair share of real physics, critical for the rally race. You will have to learn to follow the on-screen and voice instructions of your navigator, which allows you to stay on the track and not crash into the trees. And if the collision did occur, the car receives damage that accumulates and affects the result in the championship. The game has many available for the opening of the tracks, as well as all the famous brands of rally cars.

Despite the long loading times, this is the best rally racing game available on Android.

Colin McRae Rally Android

Thumb Drift – Furious Racing

Want to play in the race, but only one hand is free? Then your choice is Thumb Drift with its wonderful graphics and simple purpose. You need to drift from side to side on four tracks with increasing levels of difficulty. Making in-game purchases, you can get up to 70 cars, and you can open them randomly using coins earned on the track. Minimum complexity, maximum pleasure – an endless casual game, which you may have been waiting for.

Thumb Drift - Furious Racing Android Racing Games

Real racing 3

Real Racing 3 is just made for car fans. Cars of real brands on real tracks all over the world – the name of the game is fully justified. Interesting asynchronous multiplayer suggests that you are competing with a bot that uses the results of your friends. Of course, you can push it off the track, which will affect its result. In addition, there is a single career mode. As you progress through the game, you can earn new cars and advanced parts by winning. But make sure you don’t damage your car: the race must be done in good condition to avoid repair costs.

Real racing 3 Android

Real Racing 3 – gorgeous, exciting race, to which you will return again and again.

Death rally

Death Rally is a tough top-down style survival race. The game is decorated with various weapons in the spirit of “Mad Max” and the ability to cut out opponents in races and deadly battles. After each battle, spare parts for weapons, cash bonuses and nitro boosters fall out. What is great in Death Rally is the possibility, even without winning the race, to leave with a fair amount of money in your pocket simply for the destruction of the enemy.

Death rally Android

Death Rally is a great game for those who lack road rage in their lives.

CSR racing

Racing CSR – pure drag racing. Players do not need to worry about control, all you need is to change gears in time. Indicators say when the next switch is required. With the right gear changes, you will reach maximum acceleration and cross the finish line before your opponent, earning you victory points. Premium currency can be used to buy top cars, and standard – for all others, as well as for the upgrade of individual parts, such as gearbox, intake system, engine or body.

CSR racing Android

CSR racing is a cool game that will drive your reflexes to automatism. And which representatives of the genre do you most like, dear readers? Share in the comments!

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