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Top 10 Msn free online games to play

Top 10 MSN free online games

MSN is very good place to play online games.Today we will discuss about 10 Best Msn games.we discussed below for all the 10 best MSn games.

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Best 10 Msn free online games

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  2. Mahjongg Dimensions
  3. Bubble Shooter
  4. Bejeweled 3
  5. Jigsaw
  6. TextTwist 2
  7. Mahjongg Dark Dimensions
  8. Bubble Mouse
  9. Jewel Quest
  10. Mahjongg Toy Chest



Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Solitaire is the best game and remains all the time in trends.Soliaitre was the part of windows from last 20 years. It has been one of the best computer games. In windows you can play easily by using some simple steps.In old windows like window 7you can find this game by using below steps.

  1. Click On Start Menu Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  2. Program files
  3. Games
  4. You will find built in Microsoft 4 or 5 games.


In later editions of windows like window 8 or window 10 you can import the game by Microsoft website or just by install from window 7 setup.


Windows 7 solitaire for windows 10

click the classic solitaire download button. Install the game on window 10 and enjoy the game.



  • works on Computers ,tablets and Mobiles.
  • Play one or play three modes
  • Good scoring card
  • double tap moves card to aces
  • jumping victory cards
  • different width modes
  • carefully redrawn custom decks similar to old ones


Solitaire game for mobile

it’s the best game to play on mobile.This very easy and excellent graphics.Hope you will like this game.


Bejeweled 3 (msn games bejeweled)


Bejeweled 3 is the best puzzle game.its very excellent and addicting game.Best game for all ages.In this game main focus is on swapping color gems on game boards.this game is not multiplayer game.

Bejeweled 3 android

You can play this game on your mobile in free time.This game have excellent graphics. This is the most addictive puzzle game.Download this game by clicking below button download.




Bejeweled 3 free download

You can download this game for your computer.



Bejeweled 3 free online

you can play this game online by just clicking below link without downloading.


Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter is verysimple and best online game.

bubble shooter


Bubble shooter free download for android

This is best game for mobile.This is free time killer game.



Match and smash all the balls in this relaxing color-matching adventure. This excellent shooting game and is simple and easy to learn, perfect for families to enjoy!

Put your strategy skills to the test! Compete against friends and family and see who can reach the highest score and get 3 stars on every level. Earn coins while you play and use them to get cool boosters. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to complete the fun missions and clear the board, and make sure to collect special daily bonuses.

DownlaodTextTwist 2

text twist

Text Twist 2 is good IQ game.In this game you will find the word from given letters.if you find the word successfully you will move to next stage.this is game is very addictive and excellent game for children and elders.It help in increasing IQ level and vocabulary. Visit and play online Texttwist2

How to play TextTwist 2

Click Start to begin the game.

Use your mouse to click the letter to place in the solution slots.you can also type the letter through keyboard.

Remove the letter by using backspace or clear option on game.

For rearrange the letters you can click twist.

When you finalized click enter to submit a word.


Texttwist 2 free download for android

Texttwist game is the best game for mobile also.it is easily available on playstore. Below is the link for downloading Text twist 2 free.Click to download free.



Rearrange the letters and increase IQ lelvel and enoy the game.it is completely addicting game,once you play you will play again and again.


Text twist 2 free download

Download this game free from below link.and install on your personal computer.

DownlaodBubble Mouse


Bubble Mouse is very interesting game.this game have very good graphics.In this game you will fire bubble and match 3 or more bubbles to clear the board.More you play you will get coins which help you purchase more bubbles or extra bonuses.and this way you can clear the level and move towards the next level.


How to play Bubble Mouse

Bounce the bubble off the wall for double points. You can swap the bubble in your cannon with the one the mouse is holding by tapping the space bar. Earn extra coins in the Bubble Ring bonus game. Use your coins to buy boosts


In this game you will find Black cats also these are especiall bubble and these cant be matched or destroyed.so clear the bubble above cats and complete the level.


Purchase the bomb by the coins which you earn.


 PLAY Bubble Mouse online

Click the below link you will be directed to the site where you can play the game online.


Bubble Mouse online game for mobile(Bubble shooter classic free)


Download the bubble mouse bubble shooter classic free game on your mobile. Play this game free on your mobile and enjoy the game. It’s very simple just match 3 or 4 or 5 balls and clear the board and mission.



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