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Puzzledom mod Apk free download (unlimited money)

Puzzledom mod Apk unlimited money

Released 16 May 2017
 Update Date3 Dec 2018
Game CategoryPuzzle
Available at Google play
Downloads10 M +
User Ratings4.7/5
SupportAndroid version 2.3 and Plus

Puzzledom apk

Puzzledom is the as the name shows is the puzzle game. It is the collection of many puzzle games. Only in this single Apk you will find many Puzzle games. This game have excellent graphics. Puzzledom is the collection of  16 games.and 17th is coming soon.with only this single app you will find best puzzle games.and you will not need to download or search for any other puzzle game.

Games in puzzledomapk (moddedapk apps)

  1. Connect
  2. Blocks
  3. Shikaku
  4. Tangram
  5. Fill
  6. Escape
  7. Number LINK
  8. Plumber
  9. Rolling Ball
  10. Colours
  11. One stroke
  12. Box
  13. SokoBan
  14. Sudoku
  15. Rope
  16. Lazors

Puzzledom free download

mine blocks game

  1. Connect

It is very simple game. In this game there are different color squares or dots you will connect these with same colors and make sure lines don’t cross with other lines. Check below




       Block is the best puzzle game. In this game you will find a board on which you will move different blocks of different shapes on right place. It is the best logic game I ever find.


    3.   Shikaku

     Shikaku is the best logic puzzle game and this game have very simple rules. This game is also known as Rectangles

How to play:

  • First you find box as shown in picture.
  • Click on boxes ,drag it to draw the rectangels.
  • If you want to remove lines use the right mouse button
  • Or hold the CTRL or the shift key


       4.Rolling Ball

 Rolling Ball is very attractive game.In this game player moves the different brick and make the smooth path from red bricks to the target and also push the ball to its destination.Most difficult portion of the game is dead bricks, which have 4 small nails in each corner and can not moved easily.



This game is also called Chinese Sliding-Block. Main mission is to move the red block to the end point exit.so you can clear the mission of the game. This game is basically base on player observation skills and IQ level. This game is best for all ages .


FEATURES  (Puzzledom-classic puzzles all in one )


  • Only in one App you will get more than 13 games.
  • One game have bundle of missions.
  • Best puzzle games.
  • Different games for all ages
  • Once you start you will play Continusly without stop.
  • Some games have unlimited missions.
  • Enjoy this game with your family and friends.


In this puzzledom game you have 13+ games,some we have discussed above and some games like number link,plumber,Rope and other remaining are also best games.Download this signle app game from above given link and enjoy on your mobile. And kill the free time.Best Best game to all ages and boys and girls both.

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