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Mine blocks game 2 play online

Mine blocks game 2 play online

Mine blocks game is very interesting because of its features provided to players. This game allows you to test your skills and by using your skills, you can create practically whatever you want. Actually it is based on imagination. It means what you imagine, you can create it in this game.

Mine block games has two modes, One is called the survival mode and other is said to be a creative mode. In survival mode, you will have to collect different gaming materials like weapons, food in order to craft equipment etc. Suppose you want to create a wooden axe and you will have to collect wood and stone to achieve this goal. And in Creative mode, it is presented a sandbox to you from which you can build to your hearts content.


Developer of Game

Indie game and music developer Zanzlanz which is a small production company, has created Mine Blocks Games and many other games like Snowman slide, Deseeder and most popular Mine Blocks 2.

Download Mine Blocks Game

You can download Mine Blocks game on your Android by clicking on this link:


mine blocks game



  • Two play game mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Creative mode
  • Allows the facility to players to save their levels and creation.
  • Players can create and design anything again and again. There is no restriction of limit of creation.
  • It has simple controls similar to the original Minecraft.

This game provides endless joy of destruction in various game modes.

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