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How to Start a Gaming Clan

How to Start a Gaming Clan

Gaming is about community. Of course, there are always single-player games, but most of the time, gaming can be much better appreciated when connecting with and learning from other players. This is what makes gaming clans so important in the development of skills and networking with other like-minded gamers. Clans can help us to interact and discuss topics, they can offer awards and prizes to members, and they can also be a way to enter competitions. On the other hand, they can just be a great way of enjoying quality games.


One way of taking your interest in gaming to the next level could be to make a free gaming clan website. By creating your own platform, you could find that doors open to you like never before.

Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Clash of Clans gameplay on a white smartphone

April, 2019. Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Clash of Clans gameplay on a white smartphone in hand


1. Decide what your clan is about

The starting point should be to define the clan you wish to create. Once you have a clear picture of your ideal clan, then it will be easier to put into action. This means knowing the types of games you intend to play, such as role-playing or shooter games, and the platforms you will play on. The age group and gaming styles of the ideal gamer in your clan may be other considerations.


2. Choose a name

The name will be the first impression for potential members, so this should reflect the overall ethos of the clan. A name that can be abbreviated into an acronym, such as Demons of Despatch (DoD), ClashRoid etc, could be a winner. Once settling on a suitable moniker, the clan’s brand could be strengthened with a stylish and eye-catching logo.


3. Create a website

With gamers connecting in a virtual space, a website is something of a necessity. There are always voice communication programs, like Mumble and Teamspeak, which are useful during play. But for organization and letting new players and visitors know about the clan, a website is essential. Fortunately, these can be easily created with a website builder free of charge.


4. Recruit your players

The next step is to find the members who will make your clan. This can be achieved by joining an online clan directory, such as Central Outpost or Looking For Clan. You can also reach out to potential members through social media. Whichever platform you employ, you will need to make an appealing story that can attract players, and detail your entry requirements.


5. Establish your rules

Rules may not seem like the first thing a gaming clan needs, but they will help to maintain order. These could include gaming schedules, which are especially important for events and competitions. Rules may also be important for the cases of members playing for other clans, or going offline for a certain period of time. Leaders sometimes need to be strict, but should also be transparent and listen to criticism.


6. Create some servers

Game servers, or hosts, are required for multiplayer games to give players more control. Client servers or P2P hosting lack the ability to customize and offer poor connections, so dedicated servers are a much better option. The most suitable server will depend on the games you play and the number of players.


7. Participate in competitions

Taking part in events and competitions is a great way to advertise your clan and generate interest. Online tournaments are the easiest to join, and there is a wide range to choose from throughout the year. These include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and European Sports League. Local competitions are usually more expensive and require more effort to attend.


8. Build a community

Gaming is obviously the headliner, but there are other cultural aspects of being in a clan. Players need to feel that they are part of a team, and without some form of socializing, they may not choose to stick around. Be prepared to discuss other matters with clan members, such as movies or sports. Remember that clans should be enjoyable, and members should be made welcome.


Gaming clans are an important part aspect of gaming, and they help members to develop as gamers. But even the largest clans began somewhere, so aspiring players should not be discouraged from creating their own. Your clan will be easy to initiate, and with the right appeal, approaches, and leadership, it could become the next big thing.


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